EP21 - Single Stereo Speakers (SSS)

My 21st loudspeakers are implementation of Elias Pekonen's Single Stereo Speakers (SSS). This unique concept utilise single, center-positioned main with front and side firing drivers and actively utilise room reflections as important aspect of sound reproduction.

The drivers radiate as follows:

As you can see this is a unique approach to Stereo reproduction.

You can read the full concept at Elias' website.

The build progress are posted at DIYAudio

Topology: Active 2-way
Radiation pattern: Single speaker, front and side-firing
Directivity: Monopole side-front waveplane. Dipole or Cardioid bass 200hz and below
Frequency response: 20hz - 18khz.
Sensititivity: ~83dB
Dimension (H, W, D): TBD
Amplifiers: 4-Channels required (2x stereo amps)
Crossover: One 2x4 MiniDSP

Update 2/11/12 - Project brief posted at DIYAudio
Update 8/11/12 - First design posted
Update 13/11/12 - Drivers arrived, 3x HiVi B3N
Update 23/1/13 - No progress yet ....!
Update 5/7/13 - No progress ... I better pull my finger out :)

Next: Build the cabinet


Anonymous said...

Hi there !

No progress yet ?? :)

gainphile said...

Hi, not yet unfortunately. I am busy with other things the past few months. Work travel and all.

Peteluigi said...

Hi there

I'm kind of intrigued by this concept. I have three Visaton B200s I'd like to use this weekend and already have a whole mess of OB baffles I can cobble into a single speaker system.

My questions is: how to hook these up to a two-channel amp? I have seen the hook-up circuit with the psychoacoustic RC circuit but dont understand the "common" instruction. Can you help me with this?
Will be intrigued to hear results. Best imaging over a wide area I have heard is with waveguides, but this sounds to be even better, at least on paper.


gainphile said...

Hi Peter, the wiring schematics are available at Elias' website. I will post mine too once I have them built.

Peteluigi said...

Ok, found out the answer to my 'common' question elsewhere. Thanks DIY audio group.
And I went ahead and built the single stereo speaker over the weekend. Used three Visaton B200s for the job.
Have you ever come across the perfect speaker? Course not, and this isn't either, but in all my years of speaker building this comes closest to pleasing the family. How come? Well, there's only one of them to being with. And that's a win to the Significant Other. The boys reckon it is killer for home theatre.
The thing that annoys me most about two speakers is head-in-a-vice imaging. That's why I've always liked constant directivity speakers. This speaker system utterly destroys constant directivity speakers, no question. But like anything in the speaker world there are riders. It's whether or not you can circumvent them that's important. In most rooms I dont think this speaker will work...unless you're prepared to use reflectors to make the side-firing drivers add to the front firing driver. Which means either building ears for them or building reflectors.
And then they work a treat.
And by that I mean it virtually does not matter where you are sitting (or standing) in the room, the sounds is the same. No, Truly. It is utterly the same, even when you're walking around the room. Spooky it is.
And the imaging is about 90 per cent as good. There's not quite the 'there' thing happening you get with good stats, but it's close. Hye, what did you expect? There's only one speaker! I was a skeptic before but I'm now a believer in this concept now.

Peteluigi said...

Just a brief follow-up to this topic. Finally got the cap/resistor values about where they should be because the imaging locked in better after that, seems to be outside of the speaker now, hovering over it, rather than from it. So the psychoacoustic filter does the business.